SCS uses two Content Management Systems to manage its web content:

  1. CU WordPress:
  2. SCS Drupal:

Logging into your Drupal Account

Drupal has its own account management and we use LDAP to authenticate SCS users. That is if you have an SCS account you can log into Drupal.

Login: SCS Email Address,
Password: SCS Email Password

The login link is found on the right side of the footer on any page or here: SCS Drupal Login

The first time you login to Drupal it will create a Drupal account for you automatically. Once you are logged into Drupal you then have a Drupal account. When you log into Drupal on any other occasion you will have these two options:

  1. Log into Drupal using then use your SCS password
  2. or Log into Drupal using your_email and your Drupal password