From new research funding to teaching awards to timely events, there are many reasons to celebrate the outstanding efforts of everyone in the Faculty of Public Affairs (FPA) this year. While we faced many challenges, 2021 also presented new opportunities, which were embraced by the faculty, staff and students within FPA. What follows is a sample of some of the highlights within our Faculty over the past year.

School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA)

Research winners

Photo of Marc-Andre GagnonMarc-André Gagnon – Insight Grant
“Ghost-Management in the Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Chemical Sectors: Dynamics and Implications for Canadian Political Economy.” ($298,138)

Paloma Raggo – SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant
“The Governance Perspective on Founder’s Syndrome: Assessing the Role of the Board.” “The Governance Perspective on Founder’s Syndrome: Assessing the Role of the Board.”

Jerald Sabin – Insight Development Grant
“What is a territory? Comparative federalism and colonial political development in North America.” This project explores the development and uses of territories in Canada and the United States. With their diverse histories and geographies — ranging from tropical islands to Arctic tundra — the project considers what binds these regions together under the jurisdictional class of “territory.” ($44,160)

Photo of Jose GaldoJose Galdo – Insight Development Grant
“Can land reforms reduce the legacy of colonial institutions.” This research project will examine the role of a post-colonial land reform to reduce the legacy of a colonial labour forced system, mita, on today’s agricultural productivity and financial inclusion of smallholder farmers in Peru. ($36,980)

Mehdi Ammi – Canadian Institutes for Health Research grant
The three-year, $467,000 grant will develop health data to better understand the impact of public health spending, and inform future policy-making.

Award winners

Photo of Amanda ClarkeAmanda Clarke won an Early Researcher Award.


Amanda ClarkeGraeme Auld and Nathan Grasse Established Lab to Study Decentred Governance in the Digital Era.


September 30, 2021: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: Planting a Seed Towards Reconciliation.

December 7, 2021: PhilanthroTHINK: Naheed Nenshi

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