We have a broad range of expertise in African Studies in the Institute of African Studies. The Institute of African Studies has one full-time faculty members and over 45 faculty members cross-appointed to the Institute from 19 departments or schools at Carleton and all 5 undergraduate faculties. In addition, we have a number of Adjunct Professors and have had a number of Visiting Scholars and Visiting Research Scholars based at our Institute.

Interim Director

  • Christine Duff, African literature in French (north and south of the sahara); Caribbean literature in French;

Canada 150 Research Chair

Full Faculty Members

  • Shireen Hassim, Gender and African Politics
  • Nduka Otiono, Cultural Studies, Oral Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Globalization and Popular Culture

Cross-Appointed Faculty Members

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:

Postcolonial writing and social media; African & Black Diasporic literatures and Cultures in English and French; Popular Culture, Street Culture in Africa; Postcolonial and cultural theory; Third World feminist discourses; African Language Literature (Yoruba)

Pius Adesanmi (English) Erstwhile Director
Erik Anonby (French) Variation in vowel length and quality in Canadian French; Linguistics of francophone Africa: African French, Adamawa languages, Mambay; Languages of the Middle East; Language mapping; Language ecology: endangerment and revitalization
Mike Brklacich (Geography) Social Vulnerability, Human Security and Environment Change; Coupled Environment – Human Systems: Science and Practice
Sarah Casteel (English) Diaspora and postcolonial literature and theory, especially Caribbean and Jewish; representations of jewishness in postcolonial and multicultural writing; hemispheric American studies; ecocriticism and postcolonial studies
Louise de la Gorgendiere (Sociology/Anthropology) Diaspora; Transnationalism; Development And Underdevelopment; Sub-Saharan Africa; Ghana; Education; Hiv/Aids; Ethnopolitics.
Audra Diptee (History) Africa; caribbean; history of childhood & children; slavery; race relations
Christine Duff (French) Caribbean literature in French; African literature in French (north and south of the sahara); literary representation of psychic processes; vaudou in literature; postcolonial literary theory
Robert Fournier (French) – Retired Sociolinguistics and history of French; French creolistics; the ecology of French; French languages in the americas; linguistic and anthropology
Chinnaiah Jangam (History) Imperialism and Its Legacies; Decolonization, Intellectual History of Modern India, Dalit Nationalism, Politics Of Identity; Caste and Untouchability, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, M.K. Gandhi and Modernism; History Of The Indian Ocean World
Danielle Kinsey (History) The Development Of Global Commodity Chains, Particularly As They Pertain To Imperial Britain; Nineteenth-Century Gold And Diamond Rushes In A Global Perspective; Mining History, Especially In Brazil, India, South Africa, And Cornwall, Uk; British Empire And Culture
Susanne Maria Klausen (History) Politics Of Reproduction And Fertility Control; Nationalism And Sexuality; Modern South Africa;Plagues, Pandemics and Society
Bernhard Leistle (Sociology/Anthropology) Phenomenological Anthropology, Phenomenology, Psychiatric Anthropology, Anthropology Of Performance, Semiotics, Morocco
Dominique Marshall (History) The Early History Of Oxfam In Canada, 1945-Present; Children’s Rights And Humanitarian Aid To Africa, 1920-65; Children’s Rights And The Child Welfare Committee Of The League Of Nations; Social Policy, Welfare, And The History Of Families; 19th-20th C. Quebec
 Daniel McNeil (History) African American History Post-1865; Black Atlantic Studies; Critical Race Studies; Cultural Criticism; Decolonial Studies; Global Canadian Studies; Media And Cultural Studies; Migration And Diaspora Studies
James Miller (History) Slavery And Abolition In The United States And The Atlantic World; Experiences And Representations Of Insanity And Asylum Life
Amina Mire (Sociology/Anthropology) Women And Health; Racialization And Biomedicalization Of Women’s Bodies And Skin; Anti-Ageing; Women, Science And Technology; Political Thought;Sociology Of Gender; Sociology Of Knowledge; Gender And The Cinema; Anti-Racist/Anti-Colonial Research.
Paul Mkandawire (Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies – Human Rights) Environment And Human Health In Varied National, Historical And Geographic Contexts, Global Health, Investigating Social Justice And Human Rights Implications Of Global Health Policies And Interventions For Local Communities
Augustine Park (Sociology/Anthropology) Critiques Of Liberal Interventionism And Peacebuilding; Transitional Justice; Race/Racialisation/Racisms; Theories Of Democracy; Childhood; Global Southern Childhoods; Restorative Justice.
Monica Patterson (Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies – Child Studies) Childhood, Memory, Violence, Apartheid South Africa, Racism, Postcolonial Studies, Visual Culture, Curating, Digital Humanities
Ruth Phillips (Art and Culture – Art History) African Art; Museums, Postcolonialism; Indigenous Arts; Sierra Leone; Iroquois; Canada
Carolyn Ramzy (Art and Culture) Questions Of Music And Belonging, Citizenship, And Religious Nationalism; Music and Conflict and Globalization; Music and Satellite/Digital technologies*; Egypt
Blair Rutherford (Sociology/Anthropology) Anthropology of Development; Rural Livelihoods; Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining; Anthropology Of Citizenship, Gender, State And Globalization; Colonialism And Post-Colonialism; Migration
Aboubakar Sanogo (Art and Culture – Film Studies) African Cinema, Documentary, World Cinema, Colonial Cinema, Cinephilia And The Relationship Between Film Form, History And Theory
Bill Skidmore (Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies – Human Rights) Human Rights Activism; Political Repression And Persecution
Rania Tfaily (Sociology/Anthropology) Social Demography With Special Focus On Nuptiality, Fertility And Intergenerational Transfers; Social Inequality In Education; Stratification In Health; Quantitative Methods; Regions Of Interest: The Middle East; North America.

Faculty of Engineering and Design:

Abass Braimah (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Blast Wave – Structure Interaction, Blast Resistant Design Of Structures, Extreme Load Effects On Structures, Behaviour And Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Use of FRP In Reinforced/Prestressed Concrete Construction, Blast Risk Assessment Of Critical Infrastructure
Bjarki Hallgrimsson (School of Industrial Design) Practical prototyping methods, technologies and applications. Digital prototyping methods and design of improved equipment and processes. R&D of mobility devices including the award winning rollators (walkers) for HumanCare, and the first resin wheelchairs to be mass produced (Mobilaid). The plight of extreme poverty and disability. Conducting interdisciplinary and collaborative research in Sub Saharan Africa.  Fieldwork to Tanzania and Uganda. Recently awarded the Network of Africa Designers award “for exemplary service and dedication in promotion of the Africa Design Agenda.”

Faculty of Science:

Apollonaire (Apollo) Tsopmo (Chemistry) Free radicals and antioxidants and food

Sprott School of Business:

Gerald Grant (Business) Management Of Information Technology In Private And Public Sector Organizations; Ict For Development; Technology Adoption
Moses Kiggundu (Business) Challenges And Opportunities Of Managing Globalization And Creating Conditions For The Development Of A Competitive Economy And Open And Inclusive Society In Developing Countries And Emerging Economies; Africa; China

Faculty of Public Affairs:

Chris Brown (Political Science) Politics Of Africa; Local Government; International Development; Botswana; Ghana
Doris Buss (Law) International Law And Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Global Social Movements, And Feminist Theory
David Carment (International Affairs) International Dimensions Of Ethnic Conflict Including Diaspora, The Role Of Communication Technologies In Risk Analysis And , Early Warning, Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention And Canadian Foreign Policy Analysis;Failed And Fragile States And Diaspora Politics
M. Kamari Clarke (Global and International Studies) Human Rights, International Courts and Tribunals, Secularism and Religious Transnationalism, United Nations and African Union treaty negotiations, and Africa’s insertion into international law circuits
Linda Freeman (Political Science) South African relations with Zimbabwe, South African History and Political Economy (Apartheid and Post Apartheid South Africa), Zimbabwean History and Political Economy (Liberation Struggle, Current Crisis and Land Issues), Postcolonial Africa (especially Southern Africa, Tanzania and Zambia), Global Forces and Development in the Global South, Theories of Development in the Global South
Kanina Holmes (School of Journalism and Communication) Use Of Social Media By Canadian Military Spouses As A Way To Better Understand The Dynamics Of Military Culture And The Larger Consequences Of War And Militarism
James Milner (Political Science) Issues Relating To Refugees, Peacebuilding, African Politics And The United Nations System
Valerie Percival (International Affairs) Health And Conflict; Post Conflict Health Reconstruction; Health Systems; Hiv/Aids; Conflict Analysis; West Africa; Southern Africa; Kosovo
Dane Rowlands (International Affairs) International Debt, Multilateral Financial Institutions, Official Development Assistance, And The International Aspects Of Economic Development
Yiagadeesen (Teddy) Samy (International Affairs) Areas Of International Trade And Development Economics.  More Specifically, Trade And Labor Standards; Debt Relief; And Aid Allocation And Aid Effectiveness In Fragile States
Candace Sobers (Global and International Studies) Twentieth Century Decolonization, Movements of National Liberation, Global Reach of Third World Revolutionary Internationalism, with a specific focus on African Independence Movements and United States Foreign Policy
Allan Thompson (Journalism) Media And Conflict; Journalism And International Development; Human Rights; Rwanda; Africa
Sarah Todd (School of Social Work) Professionalization Of Social Work; Social Work Education; Youth; Community Work Practice; Feminist Organizing; Gender And Sexuality; Whiteness; Post-Structuralism And Postmodernism Theories
Nimo Bokore (School of Social Work) Mental health and health,resettlement/integration barriers and finding new ways for individuals, family or community healing. My education, research and practice background is: neuroscience and social work; migration and resettlement; forced migration, refugees, trauma and transference; equity and higher education; poverty and social policy.
Christiane Wilke (Law) How People Deal With Massive Violence, And Specifically How They Talk About Violence In Legal Categories

Adjunct Professors

Visiting Scholars and Research Scholars

Visiting Scholars:

Visiting Research Scholars: