Program Officer – Japanese Language Education

The Japan Foundation, Toronto

jessica carmenAfter Humanities I completed a one year certificate in Event Management at Algonquin College in Ottawa, and from there began working at The Japan Foundation, Toronto.

What has helped me the most in working in an organization promoting international (Japanese) culture, was completing my third year of studies in Osaka, Japan, through the B.Hum’s Study Year Abroad stream.

This allowed me to gain an Asian perspective on what I had been studying at Carleton, while letting me exchange ideas with not only the local Japanese students but also fellow exchange students from around the world.

In my work I meet a lot of teachers, and they are always amazed to hear how smoothly Humanities integrated a study year abroad into its curriculum.

What I learnt in Humanities I find infinitely applicable to my current work. My writing skills are put to use writing abstracts for conferences as well as creating and editing a large amount of the publicity for our Japanese language activities. My researching skills allow me to gather quickly and accurately whatever is necessary for new event planning.

When I started Humanities I used to dread discussion groups, but now I find myself giving speeches, participating on panels, and giving presentations – in English and Japanese.

When people look at what I do, they understand what it means to be a graduate of the Bachelor of Humanities.

Jessica Carmen is a Program Officer in Japanese Language Education with the Japan Foundation, Toronto

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