Read the newest commentary on the intersection of EU identity and values and Artificial Intelligence (AI), “Deepening the ‘Brussels Effect’ to avoid Dystopia: Ethics and the Globalisation of EU Identity and Influence”, by Robert Gould (Carleton University) here.

Professor Gould analyzes the recent proposal by the European Commission to establish the first regulatory framework on AI, in an effort to address the risks of AI and the possible positions which Europe may take on AI, both within the EU and globally.

For further reading, you can download a copy the European Commission’s proposed legal framework, “Proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence” here and a published “White paper On Artificial Intelligence – A European approach to excellence and trust” (Brussels, 19.2.2020 COM(2020) 65 final).

Professor Gould explores the topic of AI with a series of previously published commentaries: Commentary: EU and AI: EU Identity and “Systemic Rivalry” (February 2021) and Commentary: EU Digital Autonomy, Sovereignty and Identity in the Time of COVID-19 (July 2020).

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