The Centre for European Studies announces the call for applications for Graduate Student Travel-Research Grants for Spring and Summer 2022 is now open! Read more about the grant announcement and application details here.

The grants, available for up to $2,000, provide an opportunity for both master’s and doctoral graduate students to travel to the European Union (EU) member states to conduct research on topics relevant to the EU, European integration and EU-Canada relations.

Students from any of the Carleton departments are encouraged to submit an application for the Graduate Student Travel-Research Grant.

The deadline to submit an application is Friday, April 22, 2022. (note: this deadline is updated)

Please note these travel grants are conditional on travel being permitted under the applicable COVID-19 travel rules issued by Carleton University, the Government of Canada, and the government of the destination country at the time of the trip. Carleton University’s travel advisories must be followed.

Reports written by students who previously completed their travel-research in the EU are available here to read about their experiences.

This is an activity of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence which is supported in part by a grant by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and by Carleton University.