The current political, economic and social climate in Zimbabwe is characterized by significant issues which undermine the stability of the state. The political stalemate between Mugabe’s ZANU‐PF party and the Opposition led by MDC‐T under Tsvangirai creates a climate of political uncertainty characterized by violence. The weakness of the economy inhibits its development and contributes to its low rating on the Human Development Index. However, these characteristics are not new to Zimbabwe, and the state has managed to maintain its precarious position in the past, despite hyperinflation and increasing tensions. Moreover, Zimbabwe is currently exhibiting some marginal trends toward improvement; small indicators of economic growth and the political framework established by the Unity Government agreement have the potential to slowly bring about positive change in the country. In this regard, although Zimbabwe remains in a precarious position that is sensitive to destabilizing events, it is unlikely that the status quo is going to change significantly in the near future.

Zimbabwe Diagnostic Brief