Previous Research Using CIFP Conflict indicators: 1. SIDS have very specific and individual vulnerabilities related to their economic conditions, governance, and international linkages. Few have all of the problems in extreme in comparison to larger countries. This suggests that SIDS could benefit from very specific and targeted policies where the problems are very specific and not compounded by other risk factors. 2. The evidence suggests that there are significant differences in the ways the methodologies evaluate both the risks faced by SIDS and the political and economic structures designed to mitigate those risks. For instance, scores for the 10 SIDS states included in both Briguglio and Galea’s economic vulnerability index and the CIFP risk index correlate at -0.54. 3. Using a modified version of the CIFP risk index that includes only issue indicators related to ‘inherent’ structural vulnerability – demographic stress, environmental stress, population heterogeneity, and human development – that correlation score rises to -0.77.

Governance and Resilience