Congratulations to Dr. Karaian for receiving the SSHRC Insight Grant. Dr. Karaian’s  project will develop and interdisciplinary understanding of how sextech–new technologies developed or applied to enhance, innovate, or disrupt human sexual experience–sustain or destabilize legal constructions of ‘sex’ and ‘sex crime’. Drawing on the under-applied, intersecting, and apposite frameworks of cultural criminology, legal theory, sexuality studies, science and technology studies, affect theory, posthumanism, and new/feminist materialist theories, Dr. Karaian will examine how immersive and interactive sex in virtual reality, sex with/via artificial intelligence (sex robots), and sex involving haptic technologies (teledildonics) affect our sense of embodiment, our emotional and sensorial ways of knowing and being, and the socio-legal categories and hierarchies that underpin legal distinctions between licit/illicit sex.