The Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice continues to take action to address issues related to settler colonialism, white supremacy, systemic and anti-Black racism. During these unprecedented times, the disproportionate effects of racial violence, police brutality, and colonial injustices have heavily impacted racialized students. Therefore, we have created an organization dedicated to supporting Black, Indigenous and, students of colour in the ICCJ community.

The ICCJ BIPOC Caucus encourages a more inclusive future for Black, Indigenous, and racialized students; however, the barriers of racism, colonialism, and oppression impede the success and growth of current and future BIPOC students. Our organization aims to support Black, Indigenous, and racialized students in the Criminology program and promote excellence by implementing support systems, programs, and providing resources and essential services.

Mission Statement:  

The ICCJ BIPOC Caucus seeks to provide advocacy and empowerment for the BIPOC Criminology Community at Carleton University; through our efforts and contributions, we aim to support members within the organization, and those outside of it. We recognize the necessity for active support and open communication for marginalized students within the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice community. We believe that BIPOC individuals can achieve greatness through proper acknowledgment and amplification of BIPOC voices, perspectives, and affective experiences. Through increased educational support systems and distribution of relevant opportunities in skill, career, academic and personal development, we are certain that we can create positive change within our Black, Indigenous, and racialized student population.

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