Congratulations to Professor Konstantinos Metaxoglou! His paper, “Canadian Journal of Economics: A Historic Overview,” has been accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Economics – Canada’s leading peer-reviewed economics journal.


The paper provides a 50-year overview of the Canadian Journal of Economics, Canada’s leading economics journal. I first discuss the evolution of the journal’s editorial structure and publication process. I then construct a database of all the articles published during 1968–2017 and perform bibliometric analyses. I find a significant increase in the articles’ length as well as an increase in article features that is consistent with a rise in empirical analysis. I also analyze the articles’ topical coverage and trends in their discussion of approaches, methodologies, topics, and techniques (AMTTs). International economics accounts for the largest share of the articles. There is also a large increase in the share of articles discussing applied-micro AMTTs after the mid-1990s. Consistent with previous findings, there is a drop in the share of articles with Canadian content. Furthermore, I document an upward trend in co-authorship that has also been documented in other economics journals. Finally, I analyze Google Scholar citations and show that the most cited articles were published between the early 1990s and the late 2000s.