The Department offers programs of study and research leading to master’s (M.A.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees. An overview of each program is provided under the first two sub-headings of this section of our Web site. The associated detailed program descriptions are provided in the Graduate Calendar as are detailed descriptions of the University’s admission requirements, application process, admissions procedure, and general program requirements.

FGPA application instructions: How to Apply
General graduate queries: Najia Haneefi, Graduate Administrator
Ph.D. program advising: Professor Patrick Coe, Joint Ph.D. Supervisor
M.A. program advising: Professor Maya Papineau, M.A. Supervisor
GDip program queries: Professor Christopher Worswick, GDip Program Supervisor

Contact Information

General graduate queries Najia Haneefi, Graduate Administrator Graduate Administrator is available for scheduled in-person meetings Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, excluding holidays, from 9 to 4 except lunchtime (12:30-1:30). General inquiries should be sent via email.

Students wishing to make a zoom or MS team appointment with the Graduate Administrator to discuss an administrative issue should send a request via email.

Ph.D. program advising Professor Patrick Coe, Joint Ph.D. Supervisor Fall 2022 Office Hours:

Drop-in office hours:


By appointment:


At time of appointment, use link found here.

Students wishing to make an appointment should select one of the available slots here or email to make an appointment.
M.A. program advising Professor Maya Papineau, M.A. Supervisor

Fall 2022 Online Office Hours:


Students wishing to make an online appointment with the MA Supervisor to discuss an academic issue should email to set up an appointment time.