Carleton Economics Working Papers (CEWP)

The CEWP is the departmental working paper series. All such papers produced since 1971 are listed below by year of publication, most of which are downloadable. Please contact the department at should you require a scanned copy of a paper that is not yet linked to a downloadable PDF file.

2011–2020, 2001–2010, 1991–2000, 1981–1990, 1971–1980


Issue Author(s) Title

Shafiullah Qureshi, Ba Chu, Fanny S. Demers


Richard A. Brecher, Zhihao Yu


Asier Aguilera-Bravo, Miguel Casares, Hashmat Khan


Joshua Brault, Hashmat Khan


Joshua Brault, Hashmat Khan, Louis Phaneuf, Jean Gardy Victor

Previously titled: Macroeconomic Fluctuations Without Indeterminacy

The Department facilitates the publication and dissemination of early versions of the work of its researchers for the purposes of eliciting feedback from other researchers with similar interests. It is hoped that such feedback will improve the prospects of getting papers accepted in high-quality, refereed, scholarly journals.