Carleton Economics Working Papers (CEWP)

The CEWP is the departmental working paper series. All such papers produced since 1971 are listed below by year of publication, most of which are downloadable. Please contact the department at should you require a scanned copy of a paper that is not yet linked to a downloadable PDF file.
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Issue Author(s) Title

Shafiullah Qureshi, Ba Chu, Fanny Demers, Michel Demers


Zhiqi Chen

22-03 Jevan Cherniwchan, M. Scott Taylor

International Trade and the Environment: Three Remaining Empirical Challenges*
22-04 J. Stephen Ferris, Marcel-Cristian Voia Do Rival Political Parties Enforce Government Efficiency? Canada,1867-2021*
22-05  Zhihao Yu Why Are Alcohol Control Policies so Different from Tobacco? — A Political-Economy Explanation
22-06 Christoph Görtz, Christopher Gunn, Thomas Lubik Split Personalities: The Changing Nature of Technology Shocks*
22-07 Nusrat Jahan Macroeconomic Determinants of Corporate Credit Spread Evidence from Canada
22-08 Mamoon Kader, Hashmat Khan, Minjoon Lee, Raúl Razo-García The Welfare and Distributional Consequences of Corporate Tax Cuts in Open Economies
22-09 Maya Papineau, Nicholas Rivers, Kareman Yassin Estimates of Long-run Energy Savings and Realization Rates from a Large Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program


Issue Author(s) Title

Fabrice Dabire, Hashmat Khan, Patrick Richard, Jean-Francois Rouillard

Characterizing G-multipliers in Canada

(Revised: March 14, 2023)

Previously titled: G-multipliers in Canada: How large? And Why?


Joshua Brault, Hashmat Khan


Ba Chu, Shafiullah Qureshi


Jevan Cherniwchan, Nouri Najjar


Joshua Brault, Hashmat Khan


Bharatee Bhusana Dash, J. Stephen Ferris, Marcel-Cristian Voia


Bharatee Bhusana Dash, J. Stephen Ferris


Louis-Philippe Beland, Jason Huh, Dongwoo Kim


Hashmat Khan, Konstantinos Metaxoglou


Shafiullah Qureshi, Ba Chu, Fanny S. Demers


Richard A. Brecher, Zhihao Yu


Asier Aguilera-Bravo, Miguel Casares, Hashmat Khan

Did US Business Dynamism Recover in the 2010s?

(Revised: December 20, 2021) Forthcoming Economics Letters


Joshua Brault, Hashmat Khan


Joshua Brault, Hashmat Khan, Louis Phaneuf, Jean Gardy Victor

(Revised: May 25, 2021)

Previously titled: Macroeconomic Fluctuations Without Indeterminacy

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