Carleton course numbers are prefixed by a letter code representing the course discipline or general subject area—e.g., “ECON” for “Economics” and “FYSM” for “First-Year Seminar.” For ECON course numbers, the first digit denotes the course level—i.e., “1” denotes the introductory (1000) level, “2” denotes the core intermediate (2000) level, “3” denotes the applied intermediate (3000) level, “4” denotes the advanced (4000) level, “5” denotes the master’s (5000) level, and “6” denotes the doctoral (6000) level. For 3000-and-higher–level ECON course numbers, the second digit denotes the sub-discipline or field that encompasses the course material—i.e.:

0 Core Courses, Mathematical Economics, and Financial Economics
1 Behavioural and Experimental Economics
2 History of Economic Thought and Economic History
3 Industrial Organization and Labour
4 Public Economics and Health
5 Development
6 International Economics and Money
7 Quantitative Economics
8 Miscellaneous Topics
9 Irregular Courses

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