The Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics (CMFE) is an innovative new research unit based in the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University. The Centre ties together Carleton and other university-based researchers in economics, political science, public administration, journalism, business, and international affairs, in partnership with senior officials and policy analysts in central banks, departments of finance, and statistical agencies, and economists and strategists in private-sector organizations. The common thread among members is an active interest in questions that deal with the functioning of the monetary system, the operation of financial markets, and the role that both play in the larger economy. Research within the Centre includes both theoretical and empirical analysis, with a particular emphasis on theoretically applied policy analysis. Among the proposed activities of the Centre is the establishment of a functioning network of academic and government researchers in Ottawa who are involved in current policy questions leading to an annual or semi-annual workshop on issues that arise in relation to the G-20 summit. It is hoped that the broad range of theoretical interests within the University will serve to inform public policy while engaged policymakers can better highlight areas of concern to better promote meaningful academic theoretical and empirical analysis.