CELBER (Carleton Economics Laboratory for Behavioural and Experimental Research) was founded in 2015 with generous contributions from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Ontario Research Fund (ORF), and Carleton’s Faculty of Public Affairs. The primary objective of this lab is to promote the principles of economic science by enabling researchers to conduct controlled experiments using human participants. Experimental data is then used to obtain new insights on the validity of behavioural theories as well as the performance of markets, economic mechanisms, and institutions.

A typical experiment takes the form of a simple computer game in which participants make decisions and earn monetary rewards that are paid to them directly in cash. Sessions usually last between one and two hours and the majority of earnings range between fifteen and thirty Canadian dollars.

All experiments take place in room 3228-C of the Visualization & Simulation Building.

If you would like to receive invitations to participate in some of our experiments, please add your name to our database. We will contact you by e-mail when new sessions open up.

Please direct any questions about the lab to Professor Radovan Vadovič.

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