The Department of Economics at Carleton University and the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa are pleased to announce the launch of the Ottawa-Carleton Graduate School of Economics (OCGSE).  This new and innovative Graduate school  builds on more than 35 years of cooperation between the two academic departments in support of the Ottawa-Carleton Ph.D. program in Economics. The OCGSE includes the joint Ph.D. program but also the two M.A. programs in Economics of the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.

Students in all three graduate programs benefit from more than 50 economists who are faculty members across the two universities who actively teach and supervise graduate students in Economics. This breadth of expertise is provided in eight fields: econometrics, economic development, economics of the environment, industrial organization, international economics, labour economics, monetary economics and public economics.

To read more about the official launch conference for the OCGSE please go here.