We are proud of the Carleton Team (Alec Knox, Anna Wang, Jonah Sider-Echenberg, Ife Sonde, Seun Aduwo) for reaching the final round of this year’s Governor’s Challenge and a superb performance. We applaud Professor Raul Razo-Garcia’s dedicated efforts as the Team coach.

The competition began in November 2022 with over 100 students from 19 Canadian universities participating. In December 5 of those 19 teams were chosen to advance to the final round. Congratulations to University of Alberta’s team for winning the Challenge!

From the Bank of Canada’s website: The Governor’s Challenge is an annual national student competition in which teams simulate the role of advisor to the Bank’s Governing Council. The Governor’s Challenge invites undergraduate students in economics and finance to develop a deeper understanding of the Canadian economy and the Bank’s role in it. Since the first competition, more than 40 participants have joined the Bank.