Ahmed Heshmat Ibrahim wanted a co-op work term in a fast-paced environment where he could get real-world experience and make a difference. At the Department of National Defence (DND), he found both – along with real public service competencies.

Co-op experiences like Ibrahim’s are a win-win. He was able to upskill, learning what he needed to succeed in his career, and the federal government now has the chance to retain this talented, motivated new recruit once his degree is in hand.

Ahmed Heshmat Ibrahim

Ahmed Heshmat Ibrahim

“You really do feel like you are making a meaningful contribution to your country, and from my very first day on the job, I felt like I was just another one of the junior analysts on our team,” says Ibrahim, who recently completed his second co-op term at DND.

“I was never asked to do overly simple tasks and have always been treated as just another employee. That really helped me integrate into the workplace, and . . . I feel like the experience that I gained through my co-op has prepared me for the transition from academic to professional life.”

Co-op students like Ibrahim are available for work terms ranging from four to 16 months, giving your workplace the flexibility to choose the best fit for your needs. Gain the advantage of new, career-ready recruits with the competencies they need to succeed in the public service before their degrees are in hand. Get started now by emailing co-op@carleton.ca.

DND was a natural fit for Ibrahim. He majored in political science and has a longstanding interest in defence and security studies. Ibrahim connected with the Directorate General of International and Industry Programs when its director general gave a presentation on military procurement to one of his classes at Carleton.

The International and Industry Programs team conducts corporate relations with companies that sell equipment to Canada’s military and safeguards military technology. The opportunity to work directly with members of the military enriched his co-op experience and paved the way for a potential public service career.

“I had always heard that DND has the best jobs in the Government of Canada, and that people who work there are the most satisfied. I was really excited for the opportunity to do my co-op at DND, and I am really thankful that I did.”

Ahmed Heshmat Ibrahim

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