Four Faculty of Engineering and Design professors have been announced as 2023-24 recipients of the Carleton Future Learning Innovation Fellowship, a program designed to assist faculty and instructors in exploring and implementing new and innovative teaching and learning practices.

The fellowship provides recipients with a stipend, resources to develop and pilot new ideas and tools and opportunities for professional development and community building.

Professor Scott Bucking (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) will use Artificial Intelligence in the classroom by integrating large language models (LLms) into HTML lecture slides, enabling real-time student feedback and improving student interaction with the lecture content.

Professor Jennifer Drake (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) will be exploring the use of virtual reality field trips and augmented reality models of inaccessible underground municipal infrastructure (drinking water distribution, storm sewers, etc.) to allow civil engineering students to learn through directly experiencing and engaging with these systems.

Professor Rose Gomar (Department of Systems and Computer Engineering) plans to use learning analytics to enhance the educational experience for all students by exploring effective strategies to promote equity, address bias and create data-driven pedagogy.

Professor Steven Pong (School of Industrial Design) will use Augmented and Virtual Reality to elevate industrial design education and provide students with essential digital skills required for success in their design careers. The project will have students create immersive prototypes, simulations and virtual spaces, allowing real-time collaboration with students and instructors, regardless of their physical locations.

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