Industrial designers are the specialists who determine the features, appearance, materials and ergonomics of many products we use daily.

2023 Grad Show

The 45th Annual Grad Show is an exhibition by the Industrial Design graduating class showcasing their final product designs. The exhibition highlights the application of design principles in the graduating students’ capstone design projects. The exhibition shows students’ research, product iteration through design, and product design solutions for user problems.

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Bachelor of Industrial Design

The Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) degree prepares students to anticipate psychological, physiological and sociological factors when making design decisions. Industrial designers need to have a good grasp of manufacturing materials as well as physical principles to create products and systems. A blend of creative, technical, and social science competencies is therefore important.

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Master of Design

The Master of Design program (MDes) focuses on a strong commitment to design research, interdisciplinary design practices and advanced development in the field of industrial design. In order to complete the MDes program, students complete coursework and write a thesis in a field which is deeply of interest to them. This is done by consulting with two thesis supervisors, both in and outside of the school.

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I want to make an impact with whatever I design, and I really find it interesting the connection between the user as a human and the products that we design.

Hannah Goss, BID Student


A legacy of design thinkers and visionaries.

In 1973 Wim Gilles was appointed as the founding Director of the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University. That September, the school opened its doors to a new class of student designers and visionaries. The Bachelor of Industrial Design at Carleton offered a four-year comprehensive industrial design curriculum that has since graduated over 700 designers, many of who now hold prestigious design positions in both Canada and around the world.

Prior to coming to Canada, Professor Gilles was an industrial design pioneer in the Netherlands, famously known for his 1954 DRU Company kettle design. In 1956, he was one of the founders of the Dutch Association of Industrial Designers, and was instrumental in the establishment of the Bureau of European Design Associations, in which professional design organizations still co-operate. During the 1960s, Professor Gilles taught at the Eindhoven Academy of Industrial Design, where, in 1970, he became Director.

In September 2008, the school established a Master of Design program, advancing the knowledge of design by building on the school’s experience and strengths. The two-year program examines multifaceted design principles and practices that contribute to the strategic value of design.


A community of faculty researchers, industry experienced instructors, an administrative staff dedicated to student success, and acclaimed alumni.



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