Founded by a small team of students in the winter of 2022, Outlines Carleton is the School of Industrial Design’s first student publication. Their purpose is to create a publication showcasing the people and stories of the School to reflect each passing year. By showcasing student work and creating a space to share thoughts on prevalent topics in design and society, the Outlines team aims to advocate for literacy, mentorship and community building through an appreciation for design in everyday life.

To draw an outline gives shape to new ideas, highlighting only the most important parts to define a space of endless possibility.

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2023-2024 Team


Keeva Szeto

Position: Editor-In-Chief
Bio: I am an active and curious individual who is always on the move – passionate about creating opportunities to bring exciting ideas to life. While my goal is to become a creative and well-rounded designer, my interest lies in creating wonderful experiences that will ultimately foster meaningful relationships and tell new stories.


Eloisa Rulloda

Position: Chief of Operations
Bio: I think of design, not just in what we can see and feel, but as everything thought behind each action and decision. I will always welcome new knowledge to help me better understand, visualize, and connect ideas. In my last year of Industrial Design, I have learned so much but I know I have so much more to learn. I prefer letting curiosity drive me and I hope to find different places and people that encourage that.

Emily Torres

Position: Head of Content
Bio: As one of the original creators of Outlines and a recent graduate, I am very excited for the future of the magazine and everything that the students will continue to create. Being a part of this team has brought me so many opportunities and connections that I did not expect. My determination for what I believe I can achieve with this magazine is unmatched, and that carries over into my designs and work ethic. Beyond the design world, my canvas comes alive as I indulge in my creative hobbies, from book binding to character and world-building, all fostering my creativity and imagination. I believe that continuous learning is the pathway to success, and that success leads to new challenges and opportunities that creativity and design offer.


Eduardo Soto-Danseco

Position: Co-Head of Design
Bio: I am passionate about design because I care about helping others, which is at the core of my professional goals. I am also passionate about creativity. Photography, illustration, painting, and graphic designs are all outlets where I enjoy exploring ideas. I hope to use my skills in creativity in tandem with my passion for helping others to make the world a more liveable place for everyone.


Kaleb Aman

Position: Head of Design
Bio: I am a student of industrial design with a passion for creative thinking and a love for learning through failure. I believe that design is a form of communication that has the power to shape the world around us. I am always seeking out new challenges and opportunities to refine my skills and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether I’m working on a new product design or developing a design strategy, I approach each project with a sense of purpose and a desire to create something truly meaningful.


An Pham

Position: Writer
Bio: Industrial design student. Interested in exploring mundane human lives and insignificant moments of endurance through writing and designing. Big
city-builder and colony-survival simulation fiend. Frequently acquire morbid fascinations with different topics.


Kennedy Chan

Position: Writer
Bio: I am in my 2nd year of industrial design and was a part of the Outlines content team in its first edition. What I love about industrial design is how diverse it is so I can explore multiple fields of design. Most recently, I have a new found passion in set design and have been involved with several theater companies building, painting and designing sets. Currently,I am a set designer for Sock ‘n Buskin’s show, Murder on the Orient Express.



Isabel Clement

Position: Writer
Bio: In the world of industrial design, I strive to make a difference in the lives of people I design for, whether the impact is big or small. I am creative and always looking for inspiration in the world around me to bring into my designs.



Raven Lefleur-Scharf

Position: Writer
Bio: My name is Raven. I’m a first year Industrial Design student here at Carleton. I previously attended school for Fashion Design and briefly worked as a tailor. I previously attended Carleton University for Cognitive Science. I look forward to blending my previous education and skills under the Industrial Design umbrella.



Devang Ghosh

Position: Designer
Bio: I’m a third year Industrial Design student at Carleton. I’m passionate about consumer electronics and graphics & UX/UI design. With a brief background in engineering, I’m always interested in seeing how products work from the inside-out.


Bronwen Feeney-Svab

Position: Designer
Bio: I am in my second year of studies at Carleton University’s school of industrial design. My passion for design and all things creative has been deeply rooted in me since I was very young. My favorite part of industrial design is the ability to bring an idea or concept to life in a way that allows people to physically interact with it in a real life context. I hope to continue learning and growing in this field in the future!



Oscar Nikolic

Position: Designer
Bio: I am a Second year student excited to share my love for design with others. I enjoy how industrial design allows me to blend my problem solving and technical skills that I learned while in computer science with my creative skills.


Tom Sun

Position: Photographer
Bio: I have been one of the Photographers for Outlines magazine since this 1st issue. My love for design lies in my observant nature and constant need to be creative. Photography isn’t my only hobby outside of academics; I also enjoy making music, learning about cars, and anything science fiction. If you catch me around, I’m probably sketching and drinking apple juice.



Thomas Léger

Position: Photographer
Bio: I’m a first year student at Carleton University looking to explore my interests within the field of industrial design. I feel my best when being creative or when surrounded by nature (even better if I can combine the two!). I look forward to seeing my design skills continue to develop in the upcoming years at Carleton.



Richard Pan

Position: Marketing
Bio: I’m in my second year of industrial design. I like design because it combines problem solving with aesthetic forms, and has the potential to make our daily lives simpler. I’m always intrigued to see interesting designs and eager to learn from others.



Shaheer Siddiqi

Position: Marketing
Bio: I’m Shaheer Siddiqui, a first-year student in Industrial Design. I’m passionate about design and eager to explore its various aspects. I’ve had the opportunity to study at UofT and Humber before coming to Carleton. My goal is to build a successful career in design or be able to make a living doing what I love.



Audrey Sabbagh

Position: Undergrad Coordinator
Bio: I’m working through my last year of studies in Industrial Design at Carleton University. I am a problem solver and a visual communicator, always developing my sense of aesthetic and my technical approach. I love to make things that bring joy.



Dhatri Gunupudi

Position: MDes Coordinator
Bio: As a first year masters student, I am passionate about cultural and social design. Inspired by my capstone project – creating a wind generation lighting system for a remote town in BC – I am now researching design history, culture, and anthropology through graduate studies at Carleton University. My goal is to explore the profound impact of design on society and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future.



Dexter Blake

Position: Logistics
Bio: A long time maker with a variety of previous and ongoing creative pursuits, I’m now in the 3rd year of my Industrial Design Bachelor’s degree. With an interest in lighting and furniture design as I continue my schooling I am keeping an open mind for other opportunities. Beyond the studio I have a love for canoeing, camping and the outdoors.