The Minor in Design provides students from outside the Bachelor of Industrial Design program the opportunity to integrate design concepts into their field of study.


Students will learn about design thinking, design processes and user-centered design, along with innovation and idea creation for products, services, environments and systems. The design topics covered in the program relate to a wide range of disciplines that intersect with design.

This minor is open to all undergraduate degree students not in the Industrial Design program.

Only students pursuing undergraduate programs requiring at least 20.0 credits to graduate and who have completed at least 4.0 credits toward their degrees with a minimum overall CGPA of 7.00 may be admitted to the Minor in Design.

1.5 credits in:

IDES 1000 [0.5] Theory and History of Design
IDES 1001 [0.5] Industrial Design Analysis
IDES 2205 [0.5] Sensory Aspects of Design

2.5 credits from:

IDES 2600 [0.5] Ergonomics for Product Design
IDES 3104 [0.5] Exhibition Design
IDES 3105 [0.5] Visual Communication and Package Design
IDES 3305 [0.5] Special Studies
IDES 3306 [0.5] Special Studies
IDES 3502 [0.5] Contextual Nature of Products
IDES 3601 [0.5] Industrial Design and the User
IDES 4001 [0.5] Industrial Design Seminar
IDES 4101 [0.5] Adv. Studies in Manufacturing
IDES 4200 [0.5] Form Organization
IDES 4305 [0.5] Special Studies
IDES 4306 [0.5] Special Studies

Total Credits: 4.0

The remaining requirements of the major disciplines(s) and degree must be satisfied. See the undergraduate calendar for detailed information.