The Archive room is located adjacent to the Director’s office in ME 3481. Inside, the cabinets are filled with interesting items that keep a record of the rich history of Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design. The School has now opened up the archive room in hopes of showcasing the stories and people behind the program.

The School of Industrial Design opened its doors in September of 1973 in the Mackenzie Building Block 3000. Under the direction of Willem (Wim) Gilles, PhD., the School introduced the first University-level Industrial Design program in Canada. Situated between Engineering and Architecture, the program invited students to specialize their study in the field of Industrial Design. The four-year Bachelor of Industrial Design (B.ID) program is designed to nurture students into highly-skilled, creative, and innovative individuals ready to meet the requirements of the profession.

SID Digital Archive

*Currently, the archive can solely be used under a Carleton VPN

The Digital Archive Room is a resource available for the CUSID community, including students and alumni. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us below!

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