Information for Contract Instructors

Please use this page to access pertinent information for current and new contract instructors. Please note that each year there is an orientation session.

Once the School Administrator (Anna Kim) receives notification that you have accepted the initial offer she will then start the online contract process in May prior to the start of the Fall term. Please keep in mind that if you do not have a Banner ID one will need to be generated which may delay the submission of the contract. Once the electronic contract has been submitted online you will then be able to follow the steps below.

Contracts are now processed electronically through the new online contract system. For all new and returning contract instructors please ensure your Carleton employee email account ( and MyCarleton One account is active. For initial setup of a new account or to re-activate your account please visit our Information Technology Services website. When the electronic contract is ready to be viewed and accepted the notification will be sent to your Carleton email account.

Electronic Contract Information Guide
Follow the information guide to view and accept your online contract.

Once your contract is finalized and you have a Banner ID you can go to the Campus Card office [407 Unicentre] to obtain your Campus card which will allow you accesses to the library.
If you are uncertain about what stage the online contract is in please contact the School Administrator.

Mandatory Training for All Contract Instructors
Governed by the Ministry of Labour, all Carleton University employees including Contract Instructors are required to complete an online training on Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention. The training need only be completed once during your career at Carleton. Access to the training is through Carleton Central,

Go to the Employee Service Tab
Click on Learning and Development
Click on Online courses
Select “Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention Training”
It will take approx. 20 min to complete the training
The training will be recorded on Carleton Central’s database and will be verified and monitored on a weekly basis. Anyone who does not complete the training will be notified. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Nancy Delcellier via email or by phone at 613-520-2600 ext.1108

Brightspace Training and Support for Instructors
The Education Development Centre (EDC) provides training, support, instructional tools and resources to serve instructors teaching needs and development as an educator. Some resources available include: Brightspace, Copyright, e-Journals and Publications, New Faculty Members and Contract Instructors, Teaching Tips and Tools, Technology Guides, Videos. To see more information and new upcoming sessions or events offered by EDC click here.

Academic Accommodations
Carleton provides academic accommodation for students for reasons of disability, religious observance, pregnancy and/or parental leave, please refer to Academic Accommodation Policies and Procedures. This information is also included in in the Course Outline Template to ensure accessibility to all of your students.

Course Outlines
The Graduate and Administrative Assistant (Tammy Tracey) will contact you about course outline deadlines for submission. The course outline must include specific information so please use the Course Outline Template the department sends you. Once the course outline has been approved, it becomes the official copy.

Department Keys and Your Office
The School Administrator will provide keys for the Contract Instructor office and the main office. You will be required to setup office hours to see your students on campus.

e-Grades and Grading Regulations
e-Grades is Carleton’s online grade submission program. See the department for information on submitting grades. Carleton’s grading system can be found in section 5.4 of the undergraduate calendar.

Final Examinations, Midterms and Deferrals
Final Exams are supervised by the Instructor and TA’s. Please note that any arrangements for Paul Menton students during unscheduled exams or midterm tests are to be made by the instructor. You can check with the School Administrator on availability of departmental rooms. For final and deferred examination schedule and general information please visit Scheduling and Examination Services.

Student Registration Requests
If students come to you requesting permission to register in your course because it is full you can direct them to the course registration override system (CROS) which can be found at the bottom of the registration page in Carleton Central.

Teaching Assistants (TA’s)
Based on the number of students enrolled in your course you may be assigned one or more TA’s. A TA’s workload is an average of 10 hours per week, to a maximum of 130 hours per term. You will need to discuss with your TA what kinds of work you want them to perform and outline this plan in the TA Assignment of Duties form which is now completed through Carleton Central.

Teaching Regulations
Please refer to the university’s Academic Integrity and Academic Offenses policies, and the Guidelines for Reporting an Academic Offense.

Technology in the Classroom
Learn how to use the computer and data projector in your electronic classroom by visiting: Teaching and Learning Services – Carleton University

Textbooks can be ordered through the University Bookstore or a number of local community bookstores. Carleton’s course material manager is Lekan Oyelola, please contact him for textbook inquires.