The below equipment is available to Industrial Design students.

3-D Printing

We have 5 different types of printers varying in quality and speed producing parts made with PLA, SLA or ABS. Must provide an STL file.





high quality; slow
SLA 5.7”x5.7”x6.9”
medium quality; average
ABS 10”x10”x12”
low quality; quick
PLA 11”x11”x9.8”
Type A
low quality; quick
PLA 10″x10″x10″


CNC Machining
We have 3 machines with different bed sizes. Machinable materials can be wood, urethane foam, various plastics and aluminium (with restrictions) Parts can be double-sided. Must provide an STL file.

40” X 20” X16” (HAAS)
39″ X 36″ X 4″ (AXYZ)
20″ X 15″ X 6″ (Roland)


Laser Cutting/ Engraving
Our laser cutter can cut and engrave materials such as acrylic, wood, cardboard, leather, stone (engrave), glass (engrave), and various signage substrates.

18” X 24”; 40W
24” X 48”; 70W


Vinyl Cutting
We have the capability to cut vinyl. Your artwork must come as an Ai Illustrator file. We have a limited stock of basic colours.


Maximum width 15”; Length unlimited


We have two scanners, one for small parts (i.e., computer mouse) and one for larger parts (i.e., car). You can choose between a Mesh Output or a Surface File.

any object up to the size of a car



Metal Lab

Milling Machining Knee Milling machine with digital readouts for high accuracy. 12” X 24” Steel, aluminum, wood, and plastics
Machine lathe Digital readouts for high accuracy 14” in diameter and 36” maximum length Steel, aluminum, wood, and plastics
Metal Work
  • Sheet metal bending, rolling and cutting
  • Steel tube bending. 1/2” tube sizes to 1 ½” diameter tubing in mild steel
  • Buffing and drilling
various metal
  • MiG welding
  • TiG welding
  • Oxy Actaline welding
  • Spot welding
various metal


Lab Two

  • Table saw work, straight cuts
  • Bandsaw work, cutting curves on various materials
  • Sanders, Disk, belt and orbital drum
  • Router table, edge details
  • Woodturning, Turning organic shapes in various soft materials such as wood and foam
  • Machine lathe capabilities
  • Milling machine capabilities
  • Scroll saw work, tight
  • Drill press for drilling precise holes.


Soft Lab

Industrial/Heavy duty sewing machine Consew able to sew through several layers of thick materials and some soft plastic
Semi-Industrial machine Janome 1600 capable of straight sewing stitch through several layers of fabric
Domestic Sewing Machine Pfaffe equipped with several stitch styles.
Industrial Sewing Machines Brother (Factory type machine) straight stitch, heavy-duty machine.
Surge Sewing Machines Serger surge light to medium weight fabrics.