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MDes Path to Completion MDes Path to Completion MDes Path to Completion


Accelerated Pathway Information and Application


MDes Thesis Supervisor Form September 30, 2021 (supervisor only)
December 23, 2021 (co-supervisor)
Milestone 1 (Word) or (PDF) December 23, 2021
Milestone 2 (Word) or (PDF) April 30, 2022
Milestone 3 (Word) or (PDF) September 30, 2021 (students who started Fall 2020)
September 30, 2022 (students who started Fall 2021)
MDes Thesis Template

*Due Date (for full-time students who started Fall 2021)

Writing Support:

The Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Affairs (FGPA) offers various types of writing support open to graduate students across campus –

There is a new pilot program being offered this term called Academic Writing for English Language Learners. Students can register for selected sessions that have a specific focus on grammar for academic writing, writing structure, academic vocabulary or syntax. The one-hour sessions take place Fridays at 10 a.m. and will be hosted via MS Teams. Please visit our website for more information or send us an email at

Graduate Professional Development:

As a graduate student at Carleton, you have access to a variety of professional development resources. These include skill workshops, one-on-one career and writing consultations, career-oriented events, and even structured programs. Challenge yourself by acquiring new skills that can help you boost your employability. To learn more, visit the Graduate Professional Development website at