Course Outlines - Winter 2022

Course Outlines are subject to change.

IDES 1001A Industrial Design Analysis [PDF]
IDES 1301A Projects IB [PDF]
IDES 1301B Projects IB [PDF]
IDES 2102A Design for Manufacturing B [PDF]
IDES 2105A Computer Applications [PDF]
IDES 2302A Projects IIB [PDF]
IDES 2302B Projects IIB [PDF]
IDES 2600A Human Factors/Ergonomics in Design [PDF]
IDES 3107A Design and Sustainability [PDF]
IDES 3302A Projects IIIB [PDF]
IDES 3302B Projects IIIB [PDF]
IDES 3305A Special Studies [PDF]
IDES 4002A Professional Practice [PDF]
IDES 4101A Advanced Studies in Manufacturing [PDF]
IDES 4310A Capstone Project [PDF]
IDES 4310B Capstone Project [PDF]
IDES 4310C Capstone Project [PDF]
IDES 4400A Internship Field Report [PDF]
IDES 5103W Interdisciplinary Design Development Studio [PDF]
IDES 5500W Special Topic in Industrial Design [PDF]