Outlines Magazine is the School of Industrial Design’s first completely student-led publication created to highlight, celebrate, and honour the excellence in Carleton’s design education and the many innovative people who founded and shaped the School over the years. 

This inaugural issue (dubbed ‘Issue 0.50’ as a nod to the School’s 50th anniversary) was remarkably completed in less than three months by a group of zealous students that had the initiative to pitch the idea to the School’s Director. Working tirelessly on this project, the magazine was ready just in time to be unveiled at the School’s 50th anniversary celebration

The volunteer team of dedicated SID students completed independent research by combing through the school archives, conducting interviews with faculty and alumni, and searching for past photos in order to effectively tell the story of the School.

As a result of this research, the magazine highlights the timeline of the School, including featured past projects;  interviews with alumni; and a look at the many prestigious positions and places that they have enhanced after their time at Carleton. 

“This project is a prime example of all of Carleton’s interdisciplinary resources in perfect collaboration. We consulted with editors of Building 22 from the School of Architecture and Urbanism for logistical advice, the School of Journalism and Communication for insights on publishing, the Film Studies department to digitize videos, and the library in order to access archives to make this magazine a reality.”
-Eloisa Rulloda, Head of Logistics

Students and Alumni alike were impressed to see the level of detail, the story of the school weaved throughout the pages, and the impressive and thoughtful way each decade was accurately represented in the book.

“Carleton School of Industrial Design has a rich history of design excellence along with a forward-thinking approach to projects and innovations. We knew it was crucial that this was accurately reflected and that the incredible work carried out at the school over the past 50 years was celebrated in this milestone keepsake.
-Elijah Robert, Head of Design

Future editions of Outlines Magazine will showcase current student work, interviews with faculty and graduates, and treasured student messages from the year 2000 retrieved from the school’s recently opened time-capsule. 

“While this is the first issue, we are excited to use Outlines magazine as an outlet to showcase the incredible work done by Carleton students, staff and alumni for years to come.”
-Keeva Szeto, Head of Content

“The more I think about it, the crazier it is that our team managed to create a magazine in such a short amount of time and with limited publishing experience. We had a big idea that led to us securing funding, building a team, carrying out interviews, collecting archived content, creating a brand, finding a publisher, editing, printing, and selling all within three months while completing our own capstone and final projects. I hope that by looking through Outlines, readers see the dedication and enthusiasm that we have for our industrial design program and community. Now, with this trial run completed, I am excited to see where the next edition takes us.”
-Emily Torres, Head of Editing

Limited remaining copies of this special edition can be ordered on the magazine’s Instagram page @outlinesid

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