The 2022 Faculty of Engineering and Design Achievement Awards, i.e., Research Achievement Award (FED – RAA) and Teaching Excellence Award (FED – TEA) – competition will be fully harmonized with the Carleton University 2022 Achievements Awards competition. The application process and the requirements are the same as for the University Research Achievement (RAA) and Teaching Achievement Awards (TAA).

As with last year, there are four (4) FED – RAA ($10,000 each) and five (5) FED – TEA ($1,500 each).

How to Apply

To apply for any of these awards, candidates must submit completed applications by Sunday, October 31 via the online portals:

For the University RAA and FED – RAA –

For the University TAA and FED – TEA –

Award selection for  the University/ FED Awards (Research Achievement and Teaching Excellence) will be done by the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee. All award winners will be announced following the announcement of the University Achievement Awards winners.


Please check the Carleton University 2022 Achievement Awards website for details on eligibility.

Please note that University Award  (RAA and TAA) recipients are ineligible for either the respective university-level or faculty-level awards until the fall term of the seventh year following the year that they received the last awarded. In contrast, recipients of an FED Achievement Award(s) remain eligible to apply for the similar University-level Awards.