Energy and Sustainability

Carleton University has a long standing commitment to Energy and Sustainability and to ensuring that sustainability considerations are embedded within the planning and processes of all our operations. To ensure this commitment is both transparent and accountable we have developed 3 key plans which provide a road map to reducing our carbon emissions and our wider impact on the environment. These are:

NEW: Sustainability Strategy Update

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Sustainability Strategic Plan

Carleton University has embraced sustainability in many forms and in many aspects of operations – in research and academic programs. To ensure a cohesive and structured approach that will – in itself – be sustainable, our next step was to develop an overarching sustainability strategic plan for campus operations. This plan provides for key recommendations and objectives for embedding sustainability across Carleton.

Energy Master Plan

The new Carleton Energy Master Plan, supports the wider Sustainability Strategic Plan, and both provides an update on our progress. It also outlines our goals and objectives for managing, conserving and reducing energy consumption, alongside costs and estimated savings for proposed measures. The plan was updated in 2018.

Campus Master Plan

Carleton University has evolved significantly since the adoption of the 2010 Campus Master Plan, including the construction of the River and Canal Building and the New Health Sciences building. The purpose of this plan is to set the parameters, policies and directions for the physical development of the campus, including its buildings, landscaping, movement systems and general infrastructure.