At Carleton University, we believe that sustainability means to live, learn and grow within our campus community in a manner that protects and strengthens our physical and social environments such that the students, staff and faculty of future generations can continue to develop and enjoy our campus community.


Discover some of the highlights of sustainability efforts here at Carleton University, including our annual update.


Carleton’s comprehensive strategic plan for embedding environmental sustainability in all university operations.

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As a member of the Carleton University community, there is much that you can do to contribute to and enhance Carleton’s Sustainability programs

Energy Retrofit Program

Carleton University is embarking on a long term Energy and Sustainabilty Program designed to create campus wide sustainabilty enhancements.

Green Revolving Fund

The Green Revolving Fund is now open for ideas. Apply by January 20th 2017 for a chance to see your idea put into action on campus.

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Tweets from Carleton`s sustainability team. Overseeing the implementation and co-ordination of sustainability efforts on campus.

Sustainability performance updates (2017/18 KPI):


DOWN: 2.6 Million kWh


2,004 Metric tonnes saved


REDUCTION: 25,000 m³

Are you looking for support for a great sustainability initiative? Do you have an idea of something Carleton University should be doing to reduce our footprint? Contact the Manager, Sustainability Programs, Philip Mansfield.

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