Energy Master Plan

The Carleton University 2018-2021 Energy Master Plan builds on the work and progress the campus has realized as a result of initiatives implemented in its inaugural Energy Master Plan launched in early 2014. Carleton has had a long-standing commitment to sustainable operations, including recycling, and energy efficient design that date back to the early 1990s. In 2009, the university conducted a pilot project with Green Globes to develop an environmental assessment tool for university campuses. As a result, the Canal Building became a living laboratory with cutting-edge sustainable design features. Engineering students have had the opportunity to use the building for their research to assess green building operation standards.

Over the course of the last three years, Carleton has made tremendous progress in reducing energy and water consumption across campus, incorporating energy efficient designs for new construction, retrofitting existing buildings to decrease energy consumption and creating initiatives to engage our faculty, staff and students in sustainability best practices and research opportunities, as well as implementing green practices in our buildings, including residences.

The new Energy Master Plan builds on this existing work and commits the university to some key priorities these include:

  • New Co-generation Energy Plant
  • Implement Phase 2 of the Energy Renewal Plan
  • Develop an ongoing program to increase operational efficiency

For more details about our progress and work to date, and information on moving forward and priority areas please read the full Energy Master Plan 2018-21.

Sustainability-Energy-Master-Plan-2018-21 update