The Carleton University Design Guidelines are intended to highlight current policies, procedures and design requirements of the University with respect to the design and construction of new and renovated facilities.

These Guidelines are not intended to restrict the design and construction process, but are offered to commissioned Consultants, University personnel, and other parties associated with facility planning, to encourage better and more efficient facilities with a minimum of conflict and confusion as to specific University requirements. The specific and relevant elements of the Guidelines are to be incorporated in the final developed documents. Matters covered by the National Building Code, Ontario Building Code, and all other relevant Codes, as well as “good practice” shall apply, even though not specifically discussed herein. Deviation from the requirements set out in these Guidelines will require the prior approval of the University.

For a complete set of Carleton University’s Facilities Design Guidelines, please contact Project Planning, Design and Construction at (613) 520-2600, ext. 1530.