Departments on campus pay for the following moving and set-up services:

  • All departmental move related requests.  Includes furniture, office & personal materials, equipment, disposal of old goods being replaced, supply & install of shelving related to the move, install of miscellaneous pictures or boards related to the move and any other related materials.
  • All furniture set-up and tear-down requests as required for meetings, conferences, parties and special events.  Includes tables, chairs, podiums, water containers, departmental goods, tents, etc.
  • All material delivery requests.  Includes boxes, exams, equipment and furniture to and from departments and co-ordination of large-scale deliveries that may require temporary storage/distribution.  Excludes requests for the “Genie” lift.
  • All requests for used furniture from existing Facilities Management and Planning inventory.
  • Moving co-ordination for regularly scheduled events such as convocation, examinations and registration.

Please see the chargeable rates under “Furniture Shop” on the Chargeable Services page.