Welcome to Operations and Maintenance. We are responsible for providing the electrical, mechanical, and architectural services needed to maintain campus buildings in good working order. We ensure that the grounds are properly maintained and the roads and sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice during the winter. We also manage the contracted services such as custodial, waste removal and elevator operations.

We take pride in the work we provide to the University community and we look forward to servicing your needs.

If you require assistance with any of the services listed below,  please contact us at FMP.Service.Centre@carleton.ca

Architectural Services
Architectural Services is responsible for all painting of building components including offices and conference rooms. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the architectural features of buildings including doors, walls, floors, carpeting, windows and roofs.

Card Access Control
Card Access for building entry control is managed by Facilities Management and Planning. We are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all components of building perimeter and access control within buildings on campus.

Custodial Services
Custodial Services are responsible for the daily cleaning of all areas within buildings on campus. The frequency of cleaning is highlighted in the attached link. The area is also responsible for managing the exterior window cleaning and pest control on campus.

Electrical Services
This area is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the high and low voltage electrical distribution systems on campus. We carry out lighting and electrical maintenance within offices and all common areas and the maintenance of all street and pathway lighting on campus. Electrical  Services also maintains the fire detection and suppression systems including monthly fire alarm testing.

Elevator Services
We have 54 elevators on campus. They are maintained by an external elevator contractor.  If you notice an issue with an elevator please contact us at FMP.Service.Centre@carleton.ca or at 520-3668 and we will call it in for repairs. In the event that an elevator is out of service for maintenance, a sign will be posted on the door informing users of the expected length of the outage.  The elevators are equipped with an intercom that is connected directly to the Department of University Safety, if you are in an elevator and experience a problem push the assistance button and you will be connected

Facilities Maintenance Services
Facilities Maintenance Services is responsible for managing the Facilities Maintenance contract for 18 buildings on campus.The Facilities Maintenance Contract incorporates all areas of building maintenance and cleaning with the exception of building automation, high pressure steam and some locksmith duties.

Grounds Services
Grounds Services is responsible for the planting and maintenance of the lawns and flower beds on campus. The team is responsible for picking up litter, emptying the garbage and recycling stations and assisting in the set up of events on the university grounds.  Throughout the winter months the staff maintains the pathways, stairways and entrances clear of ice and snow.  Grounds services also manages the snow removal contract for the clearing of roads and parking lots.

Our in-house auto mechanics maintain the fleet of vehicles and equipment that is used for grounds maintenance on campus.  We also carry out the regular maintenance on the fleet of tunnel carts that operate within the tunnels at Carleton.

  • Keeps equipment/vehicle/tunnel carts available for use by inspecting and testing them and completing monthly preventive maintenance such as engine tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, breaks and electrical motors (tunnel carts).
  • Maintains equipment/vehicle/tunnel carts’ functional condition by listening to operator complaints and conducting inspections.
  • Repairs mechanical and electrical system malfunctions and replaces parts and components.
  • Verifies equipment/vehicle/tunnel carts serviceability by conducting test drives, adjusting controls, and updating systems.

Locksmith Services
The Locksmith area of Architectural Services is responsible for the cutting of keys, building lock repair and re-keying. Carleton’s policy regarding keys and locks is currently being revised and will be posted here when available.

  • Lock repair is a service we provide free of charge
  • Lock changes / rekeying / key cutting are all services requiring an eShop PO.   Key Cutting requires an eShop PO as well as a Key Requisition form (link below) signed by an Authorized Key Control Designate. Please submit your request using the eShop Key Cutting Request form and attach the signed Key Requisition Form with it in eShop.

For key cutting you must fill out a Key Request form and have it signed by an Authorized Key Control Designate and attach it to your eShop PO.

Please see the chargeable locksmith rates on the Chargeable Services page.

Mechanical Services
This area is responsible for the maintenance and repair of ventilation and  duct work  on building heating and ventilation systems.  They are also responsible for changing the air filters on ventilation systems to ensure that proper air quality and circulation are achieved.

Moving and Setup Services
The furniture crew is a group of trained and reliable movers who are responsible for helping coordinate event set ups such as convocation and exams as well as looking after office moves across campus. They repair broken furniture in classrooms, theatres and offices. Furniture movers also install white boards, projector screens, shelving and various other classroom and office equipment. See more information.

Waste and Recycling
Facilities Maintenance Services is responsible for managing the waste and recycling programs at Carleton. This includes everything from the bins at your desk to the recycling stations in key locations throughout campus. See more information. We coordinate the pickup schedule with our Custodial contractor and work with the campus community to improve our recycling program.

Residence Maintenance
Facilities Management and Planning as well as our Contract Services provider are responsible for all maintenance, repair and cleaning within the Residences. As a resident, you may need the assistance of one of the maintenance/trades staff to respond to a maintenance issue.  How to complete your work request.