Building OperationsTechnician Group

The Building OperationsTechnicians operate and maintain the temperature control equipment that allows the campus to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  To submit a request to have your heating/cooling issue looked into, please send an email to fmp.service.centre or call (613) 520-3668.


We strive to maintain comfortable conditions for everyone on campus. Most campus users will have a local thermostat on the wall of their classroom, office or research space. There are over 5,000 thermostats and room temperature sensors which are maintained by our shop. If you think that you have a problem with your thermostat (perhaps it is hissing) please contact the fmp.service.centre or (613) 520-3668 and someone will be scheduled to have a look at it.

Building Automation System

Most buildings on campus are controlled with a computer-based system referred to as a Building Automation System (BAS). Our BAS is programmed to optimize the room space temperature while managing the amount of primary energy (natural gas and electricity) used to maintain that temperature. The BAS is also utilized to monitor critical alarms for temperature and even some research equipment. When an alarm comes in, the appropriate persons are notified and corrective action is taken.

Seasonal Switchover to Cooling in Campus Buildings

Annually, FMP does a systems switchover from heating to cooling taking into account two important constraints:

(1) three consecutive days of 25 degrees Celsius outside temperature, and
(2) weather projections for the next 14 days.

The weather projections are very important because if we were to start the cooling systems and subsequently have water freeze in the cooling towers and pipes, this could inflict major damage to the mechanical parts of the systems, delaying cooling for the season while systems are repaired – and we do not want to do that.

The switchover process usually starts mid May.  However, we continue to monitor temperatures and weather forecasts and will respond as appropriate.

The changeover to cooling is performed on the basis of priorities established to

(1) provide comfort to students living in University Housing,
(2) maintain required temperatures to protect equipment and research in progress, and
(3) serve the greatest number of individuals and activities.