Signage Services

The primary function of this area is to ensure that facilities are appropriately and clearly signed and that travel paths are clearly defined.  This includes:

  • Managing the Signage and Wayfinding Program and application of Signage Standards Guide and Signage Policy
  • Supporting the Signage and Wayfinding Committee

Signage services requests should be made through eShop .  Direct any questions to Signage Services

Signage services include:

  • All new sign and change requests for all interior and exterior signs, both permanent and temporary in nature
  • Maintenance and repairs for all signs
  • All new bulletin and chalkboard requests
  • Maintenance and repairs for all bulletin boards and chalkboards
  • Work estimates

The Campus Signage and Wayfinding Committee was established in 2003. The Assistant Vice-President (Facilities Management and Planning) Chairs this Committee with membership from University Communications, Dean of Students, CUSA, University Services, Instructional Media Services, University Safety and Facilities Management and Planning.

Existing signage standards have been reviewed and a scope of design services for alterations to existing standards, new required signage elements and area specific wayfinding was developed. A signage design consultant was hired and has created a design package to address the requirements identified and consider the new branding concept introduced by University Communications in 2003. This signage design package is currently under review by the Campus Signage and Wayfinding Committee.

Exterior signage has been reviewed and a scope of work identified to update, add to the existing sign inventory and improve exterior wayfinding with the view to implementation when funding becomes available.

A new tunnel wayfinding system was implemented in 2004.  Six LED electronic signs were installed and networked in Residence Commons, Loeb 2nd level tunnel area (back to back), Azrieli/Tory tunnel link, University Centre food court seating area and the University Centre/Tory tunnel link.  An electronic podium sign was also installed along Bronson Avenue at the Brewer Park pedestrian entrance.

Signage Standards Guide (in pdf format)