Project Request Process

If you wish to make a project request, please use the Project Request Form below. Once your request is received, it will be reviewed and a Project Manager will be assigned to your request and will contact you within 10 days of your original submission.

To ensure accurate and timely processing of your request it is important to include as much detail as possible. If you are unsure whether your project requires this form, please contact the Director, Project Planning, Design and Construction at ext. 3326.

We are committed to service excellence and our goal is to keep our clients informed at key stages of the project and to be accountable for the project’s budget and schedule.

We look forward to assisting you with your project!

The Process:

Step 1: Fill out and submit your completed Project Request Form below

Step 2. If project scope includes a change in use of space, the Space Management and Capital Planning unit will review the project for feasibility.

Step 3. Once space question has been answered, the project reverts back to Project Planning, Design and Construction (PDC).

Step 4. Director, PDC assigns project to Project Manager (PM).

Step 5. Project Manager contacts client to meet and define project scope.

Step 6. Client signs off on scope (once any space questions are resolved)

Step 7. Project Manager provides client with “”Class D” estimate (cost and schedule), based on signed off scope and initiates Project Control Sheet for client’s approval and funding source.

Step 8. Consultants, if required, will be retained to prepare design and tender documents.

Step 9. Project is tendered, and if within budget, construction proceeds.

Step 10. If tender price is over budget, the Project Manager meets with the client to discuss options

Step 11. Project is constructed

Step 12. Client occupies the renovated space

Step 13. Close-out phase is commenced including deficiency correction, invoicing, client feedback discussions, and budget reconciliation.

Step 14. Warranty period involves monitoring the facility through the client and Facilities Management and Planning interactions and feedback as required.

Project Request Form

Thank you!

Facilities Management and Planning