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Administrative Services

We’re the group that provides financial and recovery services to both external and internal customers. We take your trouble calls via the FMP Service Centre, manage materials and internal payroll records as well as support our own information systems.

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Chargeable Services and Rates

FMP Service Centre

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Planning, Design and Construction

Planning, Design and Construction is responsible for all of the university’s minor and major renovations, rehabilitation, maintenance construction and new construction projects.

engineering and construction

New Buildings

Project Request Process

Space Management

Signage Services

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Energy and Sustainability Services

At Carleton University, we believe that sustainability means to live, learn and grow within our campus community in a manner that protects and strengthens our physical and social environments such that the students, staff and faculty of future generations can continue to develop and enjoy our campus community.



Plant Operations

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Operations and Maintenance

We are responsible for providing the electrical, plumbing, and architectural services needed to maintain campus buildings in good working order. We also ensure that the grounds are properly maintained and the roads and sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice during the winter.

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Custodial Services (Cleaning schedule, what you can do)

Locksmith Services

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