Description of Services

Night Service (10:30 pm to 7:00 am Sunday to Thursday)

This is the period when most of the major cleaning takes place on campus. Please see the Night Cleaning Services Chart below for a summary of the major night cleaning tasks and their frequencies. Please note that during summer months some tasks decrease in frequency.

Evening Service (3:30 pm to 10:30 pm Monday to Friday)

During this period the main focus of the service is patrolling and stocking classrooms and washrooms. Staff also patrols common areas picking up litter and spills and wiping down table tops and is available to respond to any emergencies which may arise.

Daytime Service (7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday)

The main tasks of the Daytime Staff are changing lights, monitoring washrooms, monitoring classrooms, keeping common spaces clean and free of litter, removing unauthorized posters, picking up litter around building perimeters, keeping main entrances clean, servicing building recycle stations, responding to spills or other emergencies and identifying and reporting cleaning deficiencies or broken building equipment.

Night Cleaning Services Chart

Cleaning Tasks and Areas Lobbies and Entrances Corridors Main Stairs Secondary Stairs Lounges Offices Class- rooms, labs, computer rooms Wash- rooms Elevators
Empty waste and recycling containers N N N W N N
Sweep and mop floors N N N 3W N W N N N
Vacuum carpets N N W N
Spray buff floors SM SM SM M M
Refinish floors SM SM A A SA A SA M M
Steam clean carpets A A A A
Clean blackboards and stock with chalk N
Spot clean walls N N W W N M N N
Wash walls A M
Dust sills and ledges N W W W N M N N N
Clean door glass N N N N N W N N
Dust vertical surfaces N Q M
Damp wipe furniture N N Q N
Clean sinks and counters N N N
Cleanfixtures N N N
N – Nightly W – Weekly 3W – 3 Times Weekly SM – Semi-Monthly(Every two weeks)
M – Monthly Q – Quarterly SA – Semi-Annually(twice a year) A – Annually
Note: Some frequencies change during the summer months.