In total, 32 projects were received and reviewed by the Green Revolving Fund Committee. All projects provided clear links to environmental and sustainability action on campus and included ideas around energy reduction, waste, transport and sustainable procurement. After careful consideration, the following projects were selected for funding in 2014:

1. Smart Buildings – Samantha Bite

The idea and application of Smart building technology complements the ongoing energy management program, already underway, and can be used to both build upon this program and validate its outcomes. The concept and application were instrumental in moving the project forward to the point where a pilot is planned for five buildings in 2014.

Project update February 2015

SES Consulting Inc. in partnership with Coppertree was engaged by Carleton to provide an Energy Study that  analyzed the present operation of the Tory Building. The report was completed in  January 2015 and several energy savings opportunities were identified.  A number of measures were recommended to reduce electricity and steam consumption in the facility. These measures include temperature control strategies and building automation system adjustments.

Implementation of all of these recommendations will yield annual savings of $47,600 utility costs.  Of the 18 recommendations, 8 measures have already been implemented by Carleton with no associated costs.

2. Power Harmonizer – Lisa Paterick and Scott Macdonald

The idea and application of the Power Harmonizer technology will complement the ongoing energy management program.

Project update February 2015

The power harmonizer at Minto Case was supplied and installed by Legend Power.  Savings have been measured at $13,000 per year in electricity costs.  Upon implementation of this project, an additional $14,000 energy savings rebate was awarded to Carleton by Ottawa Hydro as part of the SaveONenergy program.  Over the life expectancy of the Power Harmonizer, we expect to save $220,000 in utility costs.

Please note: The winners, who work in Facilities Management and Planning, will be donating their prize money toward another green initiative on campus.

3. Electric Maintenance Vehicle – Kevin Lee

The idea of purchasing an Electric Maintenance Vehicle is seen as providing an opportunity for the university to highlight its commitment to sustainability in a very visible manner.

Project update February 2015


This small, pickup truck-style vehicle was delivered in July 2014 and can be seen around campus being used mainly for landscaping and waste removal. It is fully battery-powered and produces no greenhouse gas emissions. Kevin Lee, manager of Grounds and Moving Services, says he came up with the idea of purchasing an electric vehicle when one of the university’s old maintenance trucks needed replacing. “One of our pickup trucks was old and decrepit,” he says. “We didn’t have the funding to replace it, so I talked to my boss about using the Green Revolving Fund—which I had seen online.” The fuel savings of the electric vehicle mean that it will pay for itself in eight years – a key element that is part of how the Green Revolving Fund works.

While the University has a small fleet of vehicles, with electric carts being used for most operations on campus, the long-term strategy is to work towards all vehicles on campus being electric.

The full list of project submitted was:

  • Onsite food waste diversion and conversion
  • Smart pipes
  • Pavegen energy generating steps
  • Power Harmonizer
  • Electrical maintenance vehicle
  • Low Voltage LED
  • Pilot Rooftop Solar
  • Responsible recycling initiative
  • Carleton Print, Copying and Scanning Solution
  • Using intellicommand
  • Waste audits
  • Solar parking canopy
  • Drain waste water heat recovery
  • Composting at Carleton
  • Conversion of wattstopper light switches
  • Tablets for use for exams and midterms
  • Carleton Green Print Initiative
  • Thinking and re-thinking SD
  • Use-at-source PV
  • Thermos Thursdays
  • Monitoring the recycling process
  • Creating an effective system to monitor and report water consumption
  • Hazardous Waste Deposits
  • Green outlet plan
  • Bicycle parking
  • Reconfiguring the building automation system in the Canal Building
  • Sustainable CUS Private Cloud
  • Green Data Initiative
  • Ban bottled water use
  • Scan it!
  • Bus lane on campus
  • Raven Rd Extension