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Khadoni Pitt-Chambers, Environmental Studies Graduate. Currently Program Coordinator at Community Living in BC

Studying Environmental Studies at Carleton allowed me to explore all facets of both physical and cultural geography and their relation to environmental issues. The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies has a wide range of programs and courses that afforded me the opportunity to tailor my courses to reflect my interests and aspirations. From seminars on the Canadian North, to muddy boots field courses, and technical geomatics courses; the Environmental Studies program has given me all the skills necessary to tackle a wide array of environmental issues.

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Hannah Rockburn, BSc Physical Geography Graduate. Currently Operations Manager at Eco-Internships

My favorite part about the BSc Physical Geography program is the flexibility to customize which classes I can take that best suit my interests. Having the opportunity to gain work experience in a professional setting, was one of the most valuable learning experiences within my time at Carleton. (Practicum) It allowed me to experiment with different career paths and build my networking connections within the Ottawa area. This program has also helped me develop a well-rounded skill set that will be transferable towards any future career!

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Evan Saunders, BA Geography Graduate. Currently a Planner at Fotenn Planning + Design

Over the course of my degree, the Geography program at Carleton University has allowed me to define my research interests in economic and urban geography as well as develop applicable skills in analytics, collaboration, and critical thinking. With a focus on real-world problems and solutions, this program exposed me to the practical nature of the discipline of Geography, which helped in identifying the focus of my undergraduate thesis. Through coursework, field camps, and activities, I felt engaged and connected to the faculty and my peers which helped instill my love for Geography!

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Nick Pontone, BA Geomatics Graduate. Currently a PhD Geography Student

“The Geomatics program at Carleton has allowed me to focus on the aspects of the discipline that interest me the most. Under the guidance of talented instructors, I have gained invaluable experience in the field, classroom, and laboratory. The department offers a diverse set of courses, covering topics like remote sensing, statistics, and soil science. I enjoy studying geomatics because it allows me to gain a better understanding of the world around me through the use of technology. The highlight of my undergraduate degree so far has been the honours field course. It was an incredible chance to put theory into practice by working closely with my professors and peers in the field. I am confident that the skills I am learning are preparing me for a future in research or the workforce.”

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