Photo of Michael Jamieson

Michael Jamieson

In 2010 I completed a B.Sc. Honours degree, with a concentration in Geomatics and a Minor in Computer Science. Throughout my studies and to this very day, the faculty has encouraged, guided, and supported me in the pursuit of my dreams. While at Carleton I was afforded the opportunity to work on the design and development of airborne remote sensing equipment for The Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory (GLEL), a Carleton University laboratory. I was also supported in my Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Research & Development throughout my degree by all Geomatics faculty members.

Upon graduation I was hired by an Ottawa based spaceflight engineering company called Neptec Design Group. There I worked on the development, integration, operation and support of intelligent spaceflight sensors. Some of the notable projects I have worked on include: A Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) based sensor for use on future Russian Federal Space Agency lunar rover missions; A mission critical calibration sensor for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Astro-H X-ray observation satellite; A Canadian Space Agency project to design and build a revolutionary LIDAR sensor for use in planetary and terrestrial exploration activities. Throughout my work at Neptec, I relied on the broad knowledge and skills base obtained from the Geomatics program at Carleton. It provided me with the ability to adapt to ever evolving challenges and duties. Today I work for Neptec’s sister company Neptec Technologies Corporation, which is focused on finding earth based applications for our Space Sensors. These include providing vision systems for autonomous vehicles, underwater survey equipment, and sensors to help resource extraction activities.

To those whom choose to pursue this interesting and useful degree, I highly recommend finding and communicating your career related interests to the faculty so that they may help guide you on your path to achieving a meaningful and enjoyable career. Thank you to the entire faculty for your genuine interest in the success of your students.