John Tunbridge

Professor Emeritus

Degrees:B.A. Honours (St. John's College), M.A. (Cambridge), Ph.D. (Bristol)


John Tunbridge is a graduate of St. John’s College, Cambridge and received his Ph.D. from Bristol University. He joined Carleton in 1969 and has since undertaken visiting teaching commitments in Australia, the UK and South Africa. He is co-author of The Tourist-Historic City ( Elsevier, London, 2000) and Dissonant Heritage (Wiley,Chichester, 1996) and his research is concerned with the various dimensions of the geography of heritage.

‘He has recently been (2009-15) a┬áVisiting Professor, School of Business (Heritage Studies) at Brighton University, UK, and School of Marketing at Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Research Interests

  • Tourist-historic cities
  • The geography of heritage
  • Managing tourism in cities

Recent Publications

J.E.Tunbridge and G.J.Ashworth, ‘Is all tourism dark?’, in Hooper, G. and Lennon, J. editors, Dark Tourism: Practice and Interpretation
(Aldershot: Ashgate, New Directions in Tourism Analysis series), 2016, pp. awaited

G.J.Ashworth and J.E.Tunbridge, ‘From blue to grey? Malta’s quest from mass beach to niche heritage tourism’, in Harrison, D. and Sharpley R.A.J. editors, Mass Tourism in a Small World
(Wallingford, CABI), 2016 IN PRESS

‘The US and Bermuda: from foe to friend?’, Transactions of the Naval Dockyards Society, 10, 2016 IN PRESS. Expansion of presentation at Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda, June 2012

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With G.J.Ashworth, ‘Heritage, tourism and quality of life’, in Uysal, M., Perdue, R. and Sirgy, M.J. editors, Handbook of Tourism and Quality-of-Life Research: Enhancing the Lives of Tourists and Residents of Host Communities, International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life (Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer), 2012, 359-371.

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‘The Churchill-Roosevelt bases of 1940: the question of heritage in their adaptive reuse’ International Journal of Heritage Studies 10 (3), 2004, 229-251.


  • Canadian Association of Geographers
  • Institute of British Geographers