Photo of Iain Wallace

Iain Wallace

Professor Emeritus

Degrees:B.A., D. Phil.(Oxford)


I am comfortable with the label of “economic geographer”, but by temperament and outlook I value most the eclecticism and search for connectedness that geography as a discipline allows one to pursue. Doctoral research on freight transportation led me to work on the mineral sector in Canada and to broader interests in the economy of resource-based regions. Interest in the society/natural environment interface lies behind research on the conceptualisation of economy/environment relations and on the agri-food system. Exploration of geography’s relations to social theory has been shaped by perspectives derived from Christian theology. I think the literature (and especially the textbooks!) of economic geography have still not realised their potential for linking the economic system with the earth system and in retirement I would like to improve on things, though probably not in conventional published formats.

Research Interests

  • Economic globalization in the Anthropocene Era
  • Human dimensions of global environmental change
  • Theology, epistemology and the nature of geography

Recent Publications

“Agriculture and Rural Resources”, in Bruce Mitchell, ed., Resource and Environmental Management in Canada: Addressing Conflict and Uncertainty (4th edition),  Oxford University Press, Toronto, 2010, 274-297. (with M. Brklacich).

“Space, Place and the Gospel: Theological Exploration in the Anthropocene Era”, in J.K.A. Smith, ed., After Modernity? Secularity, Globalization and the Re-Enchantment of the World, Waco TX, Baylor University Press, 2008, 123-141.

‘Territory, Typology, Theology: Geopolitics and the Christian Scriptures’ Geopolitics 11 (2), 2006, 209-230.

‘Commentary 2: Classics in human geography revisited Corbridge, S. 1986: Capitalist world development: a critique of radical development geography’ Progress in Human Geography 29 (5), 2005, 603-606.

Reflections from Canada: a ‘nearest neighbour’ analysis’ GeoJournal 59 (1) 2004, 43-44.

A Geography of the Canadian Economy, Oxford University Press, Toronto, 2002, xiii + 265 pp.

“Sustaining Geography; sustainable geographies: the linked challenge,” Canadian Geographer 46, 2002, 98-107.

“Globalization: discourse of destiny or denial?” Christian Scholar’s Review 31 , 2002, 377-391.

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  • Canadian Association of Geographers (President 1998-2000)
  • Royal Canadian Geographical Society (Fellow)