Many of the planet’s most serious challenges relate to globalization and the environment, and our future will require people who understand these important fields.  The Globalization and the Environment Specialization will allow you to deepen your understanding of global society and the planet’s natural environments. You will learn how humans affect each other through their actions and interactions — even from far away! — and how people and nature shape one another in ways that can be good and bad.

Program requirements:

Specialization in Globalization and the Environment
Stream in Globalization and the Environment

Sample first year:

Globalization and the Environment

Affiliated faculty members:

Globalization and the Environment

The courses in this Specialization will give you the skills you need to engage the world in all its complexity, including the use of emerging technologies, the art of doing hands-on research, and how to communicate effectively what you learn. You will also find that these skills are highly valued by employers in Canada and abroad. By teaching you about things like climate change, global cultures, world events, and environmental decision making, the Globalization and the Environment Specialization will prepare you to make a real difference in the world.

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