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The Master of Science (MSc) and diploma programs in Health, Science, Technology and Policy offers students a chance to engage in hands-on research.

Like most graduate programs, the MSc in HSTP is a full-time program for five (5) continuous terms. This includes the summer term after first (1st) year. Students are expected to enrol in all courses full-time. Students are further expected to work with supervisors on research projects, and meet with team members outside of scheduled class time during all five terms, and in particular during the summer. In order to maintain a reasonable work-life balance, any outside part-time work, including in the summer term, is strongly discouraged, and full-time employment is not possible. Students who cannot prioritise the full-time nature of the program are encouraged to reconsider the program’s suitability for them.

Each of the Diploma programs comprises 2.0 credits and are designed to be completed in one year. Part-time study is available.

Admission Requirements

MSc: Health: Science, Technology and Policy

  • 4-year (honours) bachelor degree or equivalent professional degree
  • Minimum B- (70%) average overall, but generally an A- (80%) average overall is required to be competitive
  • Minimum B+ (77%) in major subjects
  • One (1) university-level course in statistics

Note: Applicants judged to be generally acceptable but deficient in some aspect of preparation may be asked to complete course-work in addition to the program requirements.

The Graduate Program Committee will provide the terms of reference (conditions of admission) for the program for each student by defining any courses required to overcome deficit(s) and whether these courses will be part of the degree (electives) or extra to degree. Given the broad range of disciplinary backgrounds that students applying to the program are expected to represent, these decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


  • 4-year (honours) bachelor degree or equivalent professional degree
  • B- (70%) overall
  • B+ (77%) in major subjects
  • One (1) university-level course in statistics

Note: Students in the Diploma programs are not eligible to receive university funding through the HSTP program. We do not offer courses on weekends or online.

Required Documents

After you have submitted your online application and your application fee has been processed, you will be instructed on how to upload your required documents in Carleton Central. For complete information regarding required documents, please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

Document/Forms Details
Transcript(s) All post-secondary transcripts are required (undergraduate and graduate, if applicable)
Letters of Reference Two (2) are required and should be submitted by former professors (preferably your project/thesis supervisors), or qualified persons at your place of employment.
Statement of Intent One (1) is required. This should be 750 works and indicates how you envision the program will further your career goals. It will be used to assess the program’s ability to meet those interests.
Preference Form One (1) is required. This 2-page fillable PDF form  form is available in the online application under “Supplementary Forms” and asks for information about your background and the completed statistics course. You must also include a separate 750 word Statement of Experience detailing your specific skills in research design, analysis, and writing; your willingness or ability to work collaboratively or in interdisciplinary teams; and your expertise, previous research, and/or work experience that positions you to be successful in the interdisciplinary program.
CV/Resumé One (1) is required.
Language Proficiency (ESL Test Scores) Required, if applicable. For Carleton’s ESL requirements and policies, please visit the ESL Requirements website.

Application Deadlines

Students should submit their applications on or before the following dates to be considered for full funding packages.

Please note the application deadline below is specific to the Department of Health Sciences and earlier than the final general graduate admissions deadline set by the University. Applications must be submitted by this date to be considered by the Department of Health Sciences Graduate Admissions Committee for September entry into the HSTP program.    

Fall Term (September):

  • March 1

How to Apply

The application process to graduate studies at Carleton for all prospective students is the same and must be completed online. For complete information regarding the application process please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

Applications will not be reviewed until all elements (including transcripts and references) have been received.

Financial Support

Consideration for funding and financial support including teaching and research assistantships is made at the time of admission. A separate application is not required. In order to be considered for funding, you must submit a completed application (including all required documents).

Current and prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply for external funding and scholarships, which are awarded annually to outstanding students by the federal and provincial governments.

Please note that funding from Carleton (including teaching and research assistantships) for international students is limited and is only available to a few outstanding international applicants.

For more information on awards and funding, visit the Graduate Admissions website.

More Information

For complete and detailed information about the MSc and Diploma programs in Health: Science, Technology and Policy, please consult the official Graduate Calendar.