Each student in the IESP will be matched with an Indigenous Peer Mentor at the beginning of the school year. You and your mentor will initially meet weekly to get to know each other and come up with a plan to help you be successful at university. After a plan has been set in motion, you will meet with your mentor as needed.

Indigenous Peer Mentors are upper year Indigenous students, who may have completed the IESP program and who have successfully completed the transition into a degree program. They have lots of knowledge about the resources on and off campus and are a great connection to the Indigenous community at Carleton.

How can the mentors help you?

  • to help orient you to the university
  • to share their stories about how they persevered through first year
  • to provide you with useful tips on how to have a successful academic year
  • to direct you to campus resources that you might not know about
  • to offer a sympathetic ear
  • to organize social events

For more information about the Indigenous Peer Mentorship program or to apply to be a mentor: https://carleton.ca/indigenous/cise/indigenous-peer-mentorship-program/