Carleton University Strategic Indigenous Initiatives Committee

In October 2018, the Carleton University Strategic Indigenous Initiatives Committee (CUSIIC) was formed to revitalize Carleton’s Indigenous Strategy and revitalize relationships with Indigenous communities in Algonquin territory. The committee consisted of 35 representatives from Carleton and Indigenous communities and was co-chaired by Benny Michaud, Kahente Horn-Miller and Jerry Tomberlin.

Over an 18-month period the committee facilitated over 40 engagement sessions with over 600 Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The intention was to gain insight into how Carleton could work towards enhancing support for Indigenous students, increase the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge traditions in teaching and learning practices, and improve community engagement. During engagement sessions, the co-chairs sought input and insight on various topics including community engagement, student support, systems and structure, recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students, and teaching and learning practices.

The result of this process was the committees’ final report entitled Kinàmàgawin: Learning Together, which included recommendations and 41 Carleton-specific Calls to Action.

To download the 2020 Final Report please click here.

To download the 2022 Progress report, please click here

The committee has committed to providing annual reports on the progress of achieving the 41 Calls to Action.